Our Mission

CARRRE - Collective Action for Readiness, Recovery, and Resilience.

CARRRE combines the resources and talents of internationally-based Turkish architects, urban planners, engineers, and academics to collaborate with similarly situated local professionals, businesses, community organizations, municipalities, and builders on the ground in Turkey and Syria.

CARRRE has partnered with the American Institute of Architects NY (AIANY) and Salt (Istanbul) to focus solely on the rebuilding efforts in the Southeastern part of Turkey and Northern Syria after the February 6, 2023 Kahramanmaras earthquakes. The rebuilding effort provides an opportunity to advance new technologies and architectural and construction processes to create a safer, more sustainable, resourceful, and resilient built environment. Through its contributions, CARRRE hopes to build awareness and give architects, planners, and engineers more agency for future projects, provide resources in ongoing efforts, and improve lives through design.

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